Gravity forms addon missing conditional logic

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It's actually bad form to have a subscription button 'preset' to already checked, especially when dealing with emails.

So, I set the gravity forms button to be 'unslected' by default.

The Problem:
Gravity forms allows me to set conditional logic on the submit button.
(only show submit button if condition 'x' is met)

I created a register for our newsletter gravity form, that only has a name, email address, and the newsletter signup checkbox from tribulant. The button is off by default.

I wanted to assign the conditional logic in gravity forms to say only show the submit button, IF the tribulant newsletter checkbox is checked.

I do NOT have this option.

This means someone could enter their name and email address, not check the newsletter button, and still be added to the newsletter database.... obviously NOT what I would want to happen...

*I'm not sure how, but you need to register the tribulant checkbox as an element that can work as a conditional item.


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    Thank you for your post.

    The subscribe checkbox is pre-checked by demand.
    It is not a good option though, you're right because it goes against the CAN-SPAM act in a sense.

    We can add this conditional logic to our development list to expand it.
    Right now it doesn't allow this though.

    It sounds like you want to use a Gravity Forms plugin form solely as a subscribe form?
    If that's the case, best is to use a subscribe form just as it is. Here are the ways of using a subscribe form:

    Please let me know if this helps you!
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    I use the gravity forms as a subscribe form because I am actually capturing a whole lot more data than just the name, email, and newsletter itself. I basically use the gravity form to register the user to the site as either an affiliate, or an advertiser where they are filling out about 50 fields used throughout our system.

    At the bottom of the gravity form is the ability to register for the mailing-list.

    I know that mailing-list has the ability to add custom fields, but they are not mappable to our custom user-meta like gravity forms is. Really there is a lot that gravity forms is capable of doing that there is no way mailing list could replicate.

    For now, I suppose I have to wait until you fix this issue in the next release.

    *once the user is signed in, then I do use a generic mailing-list widget for the user to register for newsletters in case they chose not to during initial registration. By then, I have already used gravity to capture all the needed user info for registration.

    You are correct though, the way you are doing it now, you are not in line with the CAN-SPAM act, which is of course not good. As this particular client is a huge affiliate management system sending out HUGE amts of emails each day, we are already a target and have to stay in line perfectly with CAN-SPAM laws.
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    Hi imtiedup,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    Yes, currently the Newsletter plugin only maps fields inside the actual Gravity Forms plugin form. We'll add the feature to specify user meta to capture that into the subscriber at the same time as well (added it to our development list).

    I hope this helps?

    Please let us know if you need any further support.

    Kind regards,

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