Product Variations NOT showing up [SOLVED]

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I have the current version of both the plug in and WP installed.

It's a fresh test bed that all seemed to be going well but for some reason NOTHING I do allows me to see the variations either size or color for the test product. I know they are there somewhere in the software because when I click add to cart it gives me an error and says to choose a color and choose a size.. which I would do if at all possible.

Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated I have done a search and can't see anyone else having this issue.

I am making sure the product is in LIST mode

Everything I have been able to read about how to make it appear I have tried in product looping options in the product settings themselves nothing I try works. I've been stuck on this one issue for about five hours now and I am officially giving up.

I look forward to any answer on this. Thanks


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    Ok well I found the issue myself, I don't recall seeing it listed anywhere in the docs or anyone talking about it. But once you set up the variations on the product page itself it seems I had to click each choice and set a quantity. Seems logical enough but I can't find where it says that needs to be done.

    The bigger issue for me is although my store only has about 30 products, each one has at least three variables so there is going to be a lot of data entry to get those products working.

    I am sure I will be back with new issues.
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    Hello Jody,

    Thank you for sharing your solution with us.

    Our team is currently working on a new version of the Shopping Cart Plugin that will include a major update to the variations section.

    I`ll close this topic for now since you managed to solve it. Let us know if you find any other problems.

    All the best!
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