[Solved] Javascript error in IE9

I'm encountering a Javascript error in IE9 which seems to be preventing the slideshow from loading (or rather the slideshow is loading, but there are no images showing).
IE8 seems not to be running into this error.

The error:
<pre lang="php">
SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'target': object is null or undefined
gallery.js?ver=1.0, line 41 character 4

The problem line of code in gallery.js:
<pre lang="php">
a.tg = tag('a',h)[0] != '' ? tag('a',h)[0].target:'_self';

It seems to me that this bit of code should only be running if TimThumb is used, ie. if the images are being re-sized. I have this option turned off, yet am still encountering the error.
However, even when TimThumb is being used, the test URl turns out fine.

Site URL: http://035a28c.netsolhost.com/

Wordpress version 3.4.2
Slideshow Gallery Version

EDIT::: Marked this solved for the moment, as the slideshow works in IE9 on another page. Will report back any plugin/script conflicts that I find.

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