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Is there any way to import the "extra pictures"? I've got between 3 and 5 photos for over 100 products and importing a .csv would make the process much quicker. 



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    Thank you for your message, Tracey.

    Yes, in the latest v1.6.9.1 of the Shopping Cart plugin you can import additional images with products.

    The additional images will be specified in extra columns in the CSV file and then imported.
    Here is a quick screenshot to show you:
    You'll find this under Checkout > Import Products in the Shopping Cart plugin.

    Please let me know if this helps and if you have any further questions.
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    Thank you so much for that info... SO incredibly helpful! 
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    Follow-up question: Is there a way to export my current products so that I can match up the correct extra pictures to the existing products?
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    Hi Tracey,

    The only way to currently download existing products from the Shopping Cart plugin is from your database via phpMyAdmin.

    You can login to phpMyAdmin, open your database and select the _wpcoproducts table's checkbox:

    Then scroll to the bottom and select "Export" in the "With selected:" drop down list:

    On the next page, make sure "Quick - display only the minimal options" is selected, select "CSV" from the "Format" drop down list, and click the "Go" button:

    This will download your products in a CSV file, ready for you to edit and re-upload.

    I hope this helps, Tracey? Please feel free to give us a shout if you have a problem or need more info.

    Kind regards,

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    This does help immensely! Thanks Phil...I don't know why I spaced that idea myself. I will try it and hopefully get it to work. Thank you!
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    Thanks for letting us know, Tracey!

    Please let us know how it went, will you? I look forward to your report :-)


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    I downloaded the csv, added the extra images, assigned all of the columns with the upload tool, and got only 4 items imported. There were a bunch of errors, asking me to assign titles, product categories or descriptions. All of which I already have done -- so I don't know why they weren't importing from the .csv I just exported! :(

    I do need help with this and will send in a support ticket. 
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    Hi Tracey,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We'll work on the support ticket you submitted that contains significantly more information and see if we can resolve the issue for you.

    We can then just update this post later to explain what the issue was for the benefit of the community.

    Kind regards,

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    how was this resolved? I have tried everything and been unable to get images to import. I have:
    added the prepend URL
    re-written the images field to be the full URL in my csv file -  to where the images are located on the server. My import brings all of the other data in and appears to bring in the images but they are not valid images:

    I see the "resulting" images as renamed (friendly name) images in the wp-content/uploads/wp-checkout/images directory - but they are not valid images. they are all at about 300k instead of a variety of sizes like 10,100k 11,234k etc. When I try to view them from that directory I get an error that the picture is corrupted.

    I am also concerned that these images are being created with permissions of 777 - I don't like anything on my server to have 777 per missions for reasons of security.
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    Our one colleague pointed out some errors in the CSV file that Tracey was using, including:

    1 - Double Quotes not being closed properly
    2 - Line breaks in products
    3 - Semi-columns not working properly due to double quotes

    Have you managed with this issue, Tracey?
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