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Hi, I'm looking for some tips on how to diagnose performance issues with the checkout plugin. My site is running very slowly at present and there are orders being made which we don't get emails for and they dont appear in the DB, however the payment has gone through. I suspect it may be related to the server itself, but I'm wondering what I should be looking out for here. BTW, gzip compression is not supported by the hosting providers, apparently something to do with H-sphere.



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    Hi Phil,

    Sorry to hear of your dilemma.

    Two things immediately come to mind which I might speculate at, not knowing your site at all:
    1. Setting the "Default Post Type" as "Page" in your plugin configuration will cause performance issues if you have many products (around 50 or more).
    2. Your site might run out of WordPress memory during the checkout process. It won't hurt to try the following to see if it helps: http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-increase-wordpress-memory-limit-the-easy-way

    If you are unable to remedy the situation, please feel free to log a support ticket at http://tribulant.com/support/, providing us with WordPress admin and FTP login details so we could investigate.

    I hope this helps? Please feel free to give us a shout should you need any further support.

    Best regards,


    PS: We have recently released the Guest Checkout Extension plugin which makes it possible for purchasers of tangible items (only!) to checkout and pay without having to register or login. The Guest Checkout Extension plugin can be purchased here: http://tribulant.com/extensions/view/18/guest-checkout/

    You can use the coupon code "10OFFP" (without quotes) when you order any item on our site to apply a 10% DISCOUNT to your order.

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    We are experience the exact same problem.  Viewing orders is very slow and we have seen two orders that didn't process correctly in WP Checkout.   I am not sure this is a Wordpress performance problem. 
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm using posts as the default, I already had the issue with having hundreds of pages, but changing to posts fixed that performance problem!

    Sometimes I cannot even view the ordersin 'Manage Orders', but when I view order items they display in no time at all. Does the 'All Order items' just read directly from a table? Does the 'Manage Orders' section have to perform more complex DB interactions?  I'm cleaning the incomplete orders quite regularly in an attempt to help the performance but its not helping, there are times I have to view the orders via the 'All Order Items' section and piece the orders together that way!

    I am setting up the store with another server to see if that helps performance, but it is interesting that somebody else is experiencing similar issues.

    That Guest Checkout Extension looks interesting, I'll try it out, as it is something that will help the end users experience and hopefully lead to more purchases


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    After several tickets it was determined that the problems we were experiencing were related to how much ram we had configured for our system.  We upped the RAM and we have seen much better performance and issues with orders have gone away.  

    Thanks to the support team for helping us solve this!
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    I upgraded to the very latest version, but the performance issues persist!

    Are there any tools available to monitor the connection to the mySQL database?
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    Is it necessary to have wp-super cache plugin installed?

    Last night the site and the orders section was running fine (we deleted a lot of the ordersthat were completed), but this morning I can't even view the orders, its just hanging.

    cacheatnight, do you have wp super cache installed?
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    Thank you for your response.

    Having WP Super Cache will speed up your site front, yes.
    But WP Super Cache doesn't cache the content of the dashboard/admin panel though.

    How many WordPress users do you have under "Users" in WordPress in total?
    That could possibly hang the Checkout > Orders section as we've seen with some customers.
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    We do not run super cache.   The support folks at Tribulant changed a memory configuration setting for our wordpress install and things have been pretty good since then. 
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    Hi cacheatnight, which memory setting was that?

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    Thank you for your reply Phil.

    I guess he increased PHP memory_limit.
    What is your PHP memory_limit and can you increase it?
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