[SOLVED] Loading images from Media Library?

I'm working on a site where I want users to be able to upload images which will then be included in the slideshow galleries.  I'm using (but not married to) Frontend Uploader (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/frontend-uploader/) which puts uploaded images into the media library.  So far so good.

The problem is, I can't figure out how to get images from the library into a gallery.  Is there any way other than downloading and re-uploading each image?  Or, does slideshow gallery have it's own user-upload mechanism? 



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    Hi UncleRoger,

    The Slideshow Gallery plugin does indeed have its own image upload facility, but that's for when you're crating individual slides from inside the plugin.

    You could, however, attach those images you uploaded to the media gallery to the posts/pages where you want to have slideshows appear, and then use the simple shortcode [slideshow] in the content to display those images (attached to the specific post or page) as a slideshow.

    Does that help? I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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    hey phil, 

    i really dont get it how to add more then one image to a slideshow :( 

    it let me add new images but only one for each slides...i thought i need to go for a gallery but i just can choose the name there ... 

    is there ans tutorial how to handle slideshow gallery ? 

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    edited February 2014
    Hi Thomas

    You can add pictures under Slideshow> Manage Slides. When adding a picture you can specify in which gallery you want it to show. 

    That means slides are your pictures and gallery are your slideshow which shows the pictures in slides.

    Please let me know if you struggle? I can sent you a video on how to do it if you struggle.

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    edited April 2014
    Don't want to bring an old topic back from the dead, but since is one of the things I wanted to do too.....

    I've attached four images to another post of mine but the code [slideshow] takes all slides from both galleries made in the slideshow plugin instead of the images I've attached to the post.

    I'd prefer to use the WP media folder over the separate galleries because I want to attach images as I'm writing the post, instead of making separate galleries and then writing the posts.

    So... Why is this particular code showing ALL images from both galleries in the slideshow plugin instead of the attached images from the WP media folder?

    ETA: Hmmm.. I may have found the problem, but now onto the solution. Apparently I need to use:

    <code>[slideshow post_id="123"]
    But where do I get the post id if I'm using day and name for permalink (instead of the default: testingblog1/?p=123) and am still writing the post (so it's not published yet)

    Thanks for the help!
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    Thank you for your comment on this.

    You should use [slideshow post_id="X"] where X is the ID of the post or the page.
    That will show the images added to the media library of that post/page.

    Let us know if you need any further assistance on this.
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    Sorry, but this is not solved yet:
    Like I asked, what should I use as ID when my format is not "?p=123" but instead 2014/04/07/sample-post. That's, after all, not an ID.
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    You should use the post/page ID

    If the ID doesn't show in the URL, you can get the ID under "Posts" or under "Pages" in WordPress.
    Edit the post/page then you'll see the ID in the URL.

    Does that help?
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    @Tribulant Thanks, this indeed worked! I'll need to remember that :)
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    Excellent, I'm glad to hear that worked.

    Let us know if you need further assistance on this.
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    Not this one :) This is working perfectly. Thanks for all the help!
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