Help Changing Detail of Item View in Checkout

I want to change the layout of the detailed view of items in this cart installation:

I understand the basics of child theme and understand from reading that I will change the view.php file and then save it to .../wp-content/themes/[my theme/checkout/views/default/products/view.php

What I want to do is a bit too advanced for me to figure out from looking at this page.  I think maybe I need to change more than just this one page.  Image attached with what I want.  Your default view has the checkout block in an align block and I want it instead to always be at the top of the view, with maybe a 400 pix wide setting (i.e. not spread clear across the column if the viewer has a wide monitor).  I want the description to come next, under the picture and the add-to-cart block; and then underneath that the 'always' message that I have set for this client; and underneath that the category information and social buttons.

I am a decent php programmer so have no trouble modifying, but not that clear on how all of these interact.  Would appreciate directions as to your suggestion for which thing to modify.

Thanks much.



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    Thank you for your post.

    Actually, no... if you edit the view.php template file, you save it to wp-content/themes/*theme*/checkout/products/view.php . What's inside of the /checkout/ folder is like the existing /default/ folder inside the Shopping Cart plugin. So anything you put inside this /checkout/ folder which is in the same place/structure as in the /default/ folder will be served instead for output.

    For what you want to achieve, you may not actually need to edit a template file. You can just increase the width of the product info holder. There is a setting for this under Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Product Page Settings in the Shopping Cart plugin. If you increase that width to 650px, this is the result:

    ... then in that same box is a setting to show the description below all fields and things. That will drop it down to the bottom, below the category details, etc.

    Please let me know if that helps.
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    edited April 2014
    I have done your suggestion, and settled on the 650 px, although I did try all the way to 1000 px wide.  Your screenshot shows correctly at a certain width, but as you can see from these additional screenshots, it is not set, it bumps all over the place depending on the screen width.  My own screen is actually 1920 wide.  I have included 1213, 1431, 1443 and 1549 in an effort to explain how the view varies.

    As outlined above, I want the view to be static.  I prefer the universal message to be below the description and just above the Category details, however I can live with it being above as it is now, but I do insist that I figure out how to make the add-to-basket section stay on top, NOT allow align alongside the right of the section, and that the description not wrap around the image I have used to replace the universal text.  When I was using universal text it was wrapping all over the place also.

    This universal text image is 700 wide because that is the exact width at the smallest width to fit neatly in the column correctly.

    This first image is 1213 pixels wide:


    Next one is 1431 wide --- you see the wrapping ... this one has the social media wrapping around the universal


    Next one is 1443 wide and now the basket is at the top as I want it, but the description wraps badly in these last two.


    Last one is 1549 wide ... and it is different again.


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    I have replied to your ticket regarding this.

    Best would be if we can investigate on your site directly and do this for you.
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