Media directory and upload path settings

Hi there, I had some trials with the gallery plugin in a multi site install 3.9
Somehow it was not working well and I used the step 3 of image tester: try different path,
but I am not able to define all of my steps... finally I am in the situation that my image library is not working and my upload setting seems to be wrong.

1. My earlier uploads to


could not be seen in Media Library and it could not be edited

(no thumbnails only text and broken ikon)

2. If I upload a new picture it is going to


and could not be seen in Media Library (text as above)

but could be open for edit.

3. The plugin configured for image path to: wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/
however when I upload a new slide/image it will go to:
and it could not be seen by the slide manager of the plugin.
(as I set manually to wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery)

I am looking for:
how should I set back the directory of the Media lib to see my earlier uploads?
how should I set back my standard (3.9) uploads directory instead of blogs.dir?
(as I know blogs.dir was used multi <3.5 why it is appeared now?)

thank you for your kind help


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    This plugin is not set up correctly for multisites yet, as stated by @tribulant here. Apparently this will be fixed in an update but @tribulant hasn't stated when the update will happen.

    Perhaps the change he states for development will help with your problem too? It would mean, however, you'll need to wait until the update appears.....
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