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Hi there, I've updated to the last two versions but both versions have been pretty buggy in terms of when the captions (info) appear on the slideshow. Here's a sample page, the slideshow is at the very bottom. It has appeared earlier but isn't appearing on it right now, on any browser or device.

My host (wpengine) does run caching, and cloudflare is also running, not sure if that matters.

Thank you


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    I've been watching it closely and the info bar actually shows very briefly and then flies up and disappears.
    FWIW, I had another person test on a mac and iphone and saw the same things.

    Also, I've tried the two older versions, and that didn't work. Then I tried deleting the plugin completely and reinstalling, without luck. Any help here? Thanks much. 
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     l inspected the css and saw this: height: 81px; opacity: 0;

    it was from: <div class="slideshow-information" id="information55169" style="height: 81px; opacity: 0;"><h3 class="slideshow-info-heading">Blue is back for 2015 and offers its versatile Norcross AL bike.</h3><p class="slideshow-info-content">The 2015 Blue Norcross AL cyclocross bike, with SRAM Apex and BB5 disc brakes. © Cyclocross Magazine</p></div>

    that opacity can't be right - removing that and it shows up. how to fix?
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    I had to hack my own css to override this. I did this via:
     .slideshow-information { 
      opacity: 0.66 !important; 

    in my own style sheet to make it work. otherwise it was set to 0.  any insight into this problem/bug would be awesome. thanks! 
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    Thanks for posting this hack. I've had to do the same to have my title and descriptions showing up. Now at least they're visible!

    Sorry I haven't got any insight into this problem.
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