[Solved] how to put image at the top of shopping cart (i.e. payments from authorize or paypal)

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I did this before but it was almost 2 years ago and now I cannot remember how I did it.

Currently I have authorize.net payment certified at the top of all shopping cart pages here:

We have turned off authorize and are now only accepting paypal, so I want to replace this link with a paypal logo.  I am guessing I did some modification of the underlying pages and have a vague memory of you guys telling me how to make a child page that would not be overwritten with updates.

Unfortunately digging around my site I cannot find this.  ha!

If you could offer some reminder advice it would be much appreciated!

thanks much.


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    You can edit the shopping cart page directly wp-checkout/view/default/cart.php

    In order to prevent this changes from being overwritten in a new update, please add this file to a child theme folder. http://tribulant.com/docs/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin/7186

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    OK, I understand where the child changes should go.  I am still having trouble with finding the location in the actual pages.  I do not see it inside the cart.php coding.

    On the front side source, here is the section I am trying to find:

    <div id="content-box">
    <div id="content-container">
    <div id="content" role="main">
    <div id="post-6" class="post-6 page type-page status-publish hentry">
    <h1 class="entry-title">Shopping Cart</h1>
    <div class="entry-content">
    <p><!-- (c) 2005, 2014. Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of CyberSource Corporation -->
    <div class="AuthorizeNetSeal"> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">var ANS_customer_id="0e8db179-50e1-410a-952f-d9c47a8284c6";</script> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="//verify.authorize.net/anetseal/seal.js"></script> <a href="http://www.authorize.net/" id="AuthorizeNetText" target="_blank">Credit Card Processing</a> </div>
    <div id="checkout_cart">


    I don't see this section inside the cart.php and have also tried looking at various other pages.  Can you give me the page name and line number for reference?

    thanks so much!

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    I believe you've add the image in the top of the wp-checkout/views/default/cart.php file.

    If you need me to have a look at your file, can you please submit a ticket http://tribulant.com/support with WordPress and FTP login details? 

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    Like Marietha mentioned, it seems like the Authorize.net seal image is placed inside of the shopping cart page so best is to go to Pages in your WordPress dashboard and edit the shopping cart page accordingly.

    Let me know if that helps and if you need further assistance with it.
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    Yes, I do need help.  I uploaded the file in the support section as Marietha asked.  I am not seeing the place that has the authorize image.  I do not believe it is in the cart.php file, but if so  I am asking for the line number within the cart.php file because I cannot seem to see it.  I believe it may be in the part referred to on line 4 as  '_cart_top' ... where do I find what populates this particular variable?  


    <?php if (!empty($order) && !empty($items)) : ?>
    <?php $theorder = $order; ?>
    <?php do_action($this -> pre . '_cart_top', $order, $items); ?>
    <?php $this -> render('errors', array('errors' => $errors), true, 'default'); ?>
    <form id="wpco_cartform" <?php if ($this -> is_plugin_active('euvatex')) : ?>onsubmit="jQuery.Watermark.HideAll();"<?php endif; ?> class="<?php echo $this -> pre; ?>" action="<?php echo $wpcoHtml -> cart_url(); ?>" method="post">
    <?php $co_id = $Order -> cart_order(); ?>
    <?php $weight = $Order -> weight($co_id); ?>
    <?php if (($this -> get_option('shiptierstype') == "weight" || !empty($shipmethod -> api) || true) && !empty($weight)) : ?>
    <div class="shippingmessageholder"><p class="shippingmessage"><?php _e('Your order has a total calculated weight of', $this -> plugin_name); ?> <strong><?php echo $weight; ?><?php echo $this -> get_option('weightm'); ?></strong></p></div>
    <?php endif; ?> 
    <table class="<?php echo $this -> pre; ?> <?php echo $this -> pre; ?>cart">
    <th colspan="2"><?php _e('Product', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>
    <th><?php _e('Options', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>
    <th><?php _e('Price', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>
    <th><?php _e('Qty', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>
    <th><?php _e('Total', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>
    <th><?php _e('Remove', $this -> plugin_name); ?></th>

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    Yes, it is NOT in the cart.php file.
    As I mentioned in my last message, it is in the shopping cart page.
    In your WordPress dashboard, go to "Pages" and edit the shopping cart page. That's where it is.
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    It is litterally in the page itself, editable through WordPress.
    Go to "Pages" like this: http://goo.gl/0RNi4b
    Then you can edit the "Shopping Cart" page there.
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    yes!  This is how I fixed it.  Thanks much.

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    Great, glad to hear that you got it resolved.
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