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Hi there,

I've found this article: http://tribulant.com/docs/wordpress-mailing-list-plugin/7890 for implement a custom theme for the newsletter plugin. But this is only for the front end.

I need the possibility to add custom editor styles to the backend and wondering why the plugin add an empty editor-style.css to the TinyMCE which cannot be overwritten with the above solution. What is the sense of an empty css file which is included, without the possibility to edit this?

I've searched this forum but cannot find a solution to embed my own styles to the TinyMCE, maybe I had overlook something and there is an action hook or something similar?

best regards



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    Thank you for your post and your input on this.

    You can edit that empty editor-style.css file but it will be overwritten in an update of the plugin.

    I'm adding this to our development list so that we can provide a simple, easy way of updating/editing the editor style file and keep the edits intact with an upgrade to the plugin. Possibly a textarea in the admin dashboarder under Newsletters > Configuration where it can be set?

    We'll post back here once the feature has been added to the Newsletter plugin.

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    Thanks for your're fast reply.

    Yes, I think a textarea in the admin dashboard to edit the editor-styles would be the easiest solution for all users.

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    You're welcome.

    And great, we've got this on our development list now and will post back here once it is available. We don't have an ETA yet at the moment but we will add it.

    In the meanwhile, can you add your CSS to that blank editor-style.css file and just keep a backup of it on your computer or another folder and remember to udpate it after upgrading the Newsletter plugin?

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    No problem we're working with GIT!

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