mandatory and optional list at signup possible?

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I have two mailing lists, a monthly newsletter and a weekly newsletter. I would like to make the weekly list an option on the registration form but make every new member automatically get subscribed to the monthly list. I can't see anyway to do this. Am I missing something or is this not possible?




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    Thank you for your message.

    Unfortunately it's not currently possible to select a list to be subscribed to automatically and give the user a choice to select another list at the same time. 

    I'll add it to our development list for you.



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    Thanks. In the meantime, is there a newsletter hook and/or function I can call post-registration? For example, I already have a function to add extra registration fields using the user_register hook, perhaps I can do the automatic subscribe then? If not a newsletter function, perhaps some useful SQL?

    Generally speaking, would it make sense to make every individual mailinglist configurable separately? I am thinking in the settings there could be 3 action options: do nothing, subscribe automatically, add a checkbox on the registration form. Something like that.

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