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Hi, how can I add a registration checkbox if I am not using wp standard registration but a front-end user registration plugin like Theme My Login or Profile Builder?

How did you manage this on your own site. Looks great.

Thanks Joachim


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    The Newsletter plugin hooks to certain WordPress registration hooks.

    So the 3rd party plugin should use those hooks or you can fire them manually if needed.

    For example the display of the checkbox uses the register_form hook.

    I believe that Theme My Login plugin already contains all these hooks as needed.

    Can you please try it out and confirm?

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    Sorry, I am a user, capable of putting a shortcode into a post or page. I am no programmer. I don't know how to use hooks.

    Isn't there a simple way just to put a shortcode for the checkbox. Sorry again if I'm to naiv.

    Greets Joachim

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you.

    I believe that the Theme My Login plugin already has everything you need.

    Do you have it installed and does it work fine?

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    Thank you. I would prefer Profile Builder since its fully translated into german. That is what I like with your newsletter plugin. For TML I couldn't find proper language files and I fear translate around 800 items in TML But I will try it locally.

    But all of this is only of minor importance. More serious is the other issue with EE4. Since our website rely an EE4 and we want to use your newsletter plugin (and go to buy it, after test phase is finished) it is most important for us to find a solution to that problem.

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    Yes. TML works out of the box.

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    Great, I'm glad to hear that Theme My Login works out of the box.

    Regarding Profile Builder, can you ask the plugin author/developer to add the register_form and register_post action hooks so that it will work with 3rd party plugins such as our Newsletter plugin and it's subscribe checkbox?

    I will check your other discussion regarding EventEspresso shortly and post a reply back there as well.

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    Hi tribulant,

    this is the answer from profile builder support:

    The two hooks, register_form and register_post, refer to the default WordPress form. Profile Builder uses  its own forms so they are not needed.

    I have implemented a solution that would integrate Tribulant Newsletter with Profile Builder. Here are the steps:

    • Create an empty plugin like this

    • Add the following code to the end of it: see source code section below

    • Basically you'll now have users confirm their subscription via email, after registering to your site. They can manage their subscription later in the manage-subscription page generated by Tribulant Newsletter.

    • Install this plugin via FTP (copy it inside wp-content/plugins) or create a zip archive with it and install it via the WordPress plugin upload functionality

    Code that should be inserted:

    add_filter( 'wppb_register_success', 'wppb_subscribe_user_to_newsletter', 10, 3);
    function wppb_subscribe_user_to_newsletter($request, $form_name, $user_id){
    global $Subscriber;
    $data = array();
    $mailinglists = "all"; // you can edit this to add users to a specific mailing list rather than to all
    $data['list_id'] = $data['mailinglists'] = $mailinglists;
    $data['email'] = $request['email'];
    $Subscriber->optin($data, false, false, true);


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    Thanks for the response and details.

    Ok so they have given code to hook to successful registration.

    Are you able to integrate that?

    We can build an extension for this.

    Is this the Profile Builder plugin that you're using?

    I look forward to your response.

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    Right. It is that plugin. The reason I use this is double opt-in (mandatory in europe).

    I managed to install their solution and it works - but - the user cannot choose (like with TML) from a checkbox. The subscriber gets the email where he has to activate the subscription, without knowing that he is applying for subscription. I can put a describing field on the registration page that this is the case but  I would rather prefer the solution with the checkbox on the registration page.

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    Great, thanks for confirming.

    I'm adding this to our development list so that we can create an integration.

    We'll reply back here once it is ready.

    In the meanwhile, if you need this urgently and want a rush fee quote, please send us a ticket:

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