Bizarre issue with Chrome browser

When logged in and click on orders to view list of all orders - works fine in IE and Firefox but in Chrome page appears blank. If I manually clear all cache, can then view orders - but if leave page and go right back to view orders, page is blank again. Some sort of weird interaction with Chrome and Cache - any suggestions besides using another browser?


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    Please turn debugging on under Checkout>Configuration and check for any error messages on the blank page?

    If you do see an error message, can you give me the error please?


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    SOLVED - The issue here was a conflict with another plugin - Comet Cache. Apparently cache plugins prevent the order page from loading properly.
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    Actually, I take it back. The problem was not only Comet Cache but also if you load more than 200 orders at any given time. 200 or less orders load fine, but if you select a higher number they never load and the page appears blank. Debug shows no error message.
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    If loading too many orders under Checkout > Orders causes a blank page, my suspicion is that it is a resource limit like PHP memory running out.

    Can you please go to Checkout > Configuration and turn on debugging on the right-hand side, save the settings and then go and try to load many orders again? Let me know if you see a PHP memory related fatal error?

    I look forward to your response.
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