our shopping cart has started making orders with a date forward by one day

I thought this might be that the general config was wrong, but no. time is correct as Los Angeles, CA. but ... for an order made at 4pm Mar 12 the checkout is showing Mar 13

please advise

This just started happening after the latest update.


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    I posted this on this forum and today am receiving porn spam from someone with a tribulant logo. not ccool.
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    edited April 2023

    We would never do such a thing. However, our OneSignal account API was infiltrated in March 2020 and once someone told us about it, we immediately resolved that and changed our API and password. We also sent a message to everyone immediately. It hasn't happened since. There are many low lives out there and we don't know how ours was infiltrated but that's long over now. OneSignal is what we use to deliver browser notifications.

    Our forums have been closed since Sept 2019. You can reach us via our Support page up top :).
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