"Add to cart" Shortcode?

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I have created custom pages for product shopping instead of the default "product pages" for shopping. 

I  currently use a different cart plugin (I haven't purchased this plugin yet, but I'm thinking of switching to it.)
and it has a shortcode for "buy/add-to-cart" buttons which is really convenient for my set up. 

Does this plugin have that shortcode, and if not, is there a convenient way to manually add a product-specific "add-to-cart" button on a custom page? 



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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your post.

    There isn't a push-button way of adding only "add to cart" buttons to pages, but it does have very convenient ways of adding categories, products, the shopping cart itself or product suppliers to custom pages via shortcode.

    There is also a "Shopping Cart Functions" button in the TinyMCE editor that makes adding shortcodes easy. You can read the documentation here:


    If you think you might purchase the Shopping Cart plugin, you can use the coupon code "10OFFP" (without quotes) for a 10% discount.


    Let me know if this helps, will you?

    Best regards,

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    I didn't realize that the tiny editor had a shopping cart functions section.  That's good to know, thanks!
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    Hi John,

    Glad we could be of service! :)

    We have also placed the "Add to Cart" button shortcode feature on our development list, so that will also be available in the foreseeable future.

    Best regards,

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    It wasn't "that" difficult to copy/paste snippets to add the add-to-cart button where I want it (custom on a different page), but it's not for the squeamish! lol

    Would be awesome to see a shortcode implemented. Good to hear that it's on the list  :) 
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