Download not working

I have one product, I can check out and buy it fine, it shows as purchased in Orders backend. All I get on the receipt though is "We're preparing your order". Shouldn't the link just be on the receipt page? That would make things easy.

In any case, i never get a welcome/thanks/here's your download email and have no idea what that system is SUPPOSED to do at this point. Please point me in the right direction (I have guest checkout installed as well by the way and no users persay)


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    to repeat, this is what I get after a successful checkout:
    "Thank you for placing your order. Please allow a few minutes for processing.

    Your payment has been received and your products are being prepared."
    And then it shows the invoice.
    What SHOULD I be seeing? How is the product supposed to be delivered? Does it pop up as Download Save As, or a link or is it emailed?
    In any case I get none of that and would sure appreciate some support.
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    Can some kind person at least explain what SHOULD happen so I know what the functionality should be doing?
    I finish checkout for a digital product, what is it supposed to do that it's not doing?
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    Hi Dave,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    As I explained in your support ticket, you have the Guest Checkout plugin activated which allows users to checkout without registering. Unfortunately digital products are delivered only via a customer's account area, so the Guest Checkout plugin can't be used where downloadable products are sold.

    Best regards,

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