• Hello Tribulant,   I think I was a little rash in asking. I found the page that needed to be translated in pages in the dashboard... So I guess I'm good to go for another while before more questions arise.   Thanks   Pat
  • Hey Tribulant, one last thing please, there seems to be a missing string in the translation. When confirming the subscription, The page where the users get redirected from the confirmation email, will be in french, except for the title : MANAGE SUBS…
  • Hello tribulant, it worked. However before it did, I had to change the names back to what they were. That is rename the directory to "newsletter-lite" and rename the language file to "". After doing that, it worked well. I wo…
  • Hello tribulant, many thanks for your answer. Indeed i downloaded using the right button. Will try what you instructed and see if it works. Will get back to you in a few hours :-) thanks again          
  • Hello, the link seems to be broken. Could you please repost it and also give just a little more info about this. I too am a newbie and I'm afraid I will need more explanation. I also want to customize the widget. Thanks