How do I cancel my account and services?

Before cancelling, please consider your reasons. If you have a billing or support issue that we can help you with, we would appreciate it if you could lodge a ticket about it. Our team is approachable and flexible to individual circumstances and most issues can easily be solved through communication.

If you need to change the domain name on your web hosting plan we can assist you with this without cancelling your account.

If it's a price concern, do submit a ticket and we can revise your plan, if need be.

You may cancel your web hosting account by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Client Area and navigate to Services > My Services and select the web hosting account you wish to cancel.
  2. On this page, on the left sidebar, under Actions, click on Request Cancellation.
  3. Select the Cancellation Type, which is when you would like your hosting account to be cancelled. Choosing Immediate will result in your service on our servers to be terminated immediately. Choosing End of billing period will terminate your service at the end of its billing period. The system will automatically cancel the account at the time you specify.
  4. Provide us with feedback to help us improve our service, and then click on Request Cancellation.

Upon cancellation, all of your files/data/emails will be removed from our servers.

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