Data migration services

Yes, we offer data migration services.

If you are a new customer moving from another hosting provider to us, we will migrate your data free of charge. This includes all files, emails (to our best attempt), databases, and more. If the format is compatible, we can also migrate all your settings from your hosting control panel. Please note that this free data migration service might be subject to shell (SSH) access provision (Your current hosting company should know what this is).

So, if you decide to move your website(s) to us, send us a support request either in the client area, if you have an account with us, or at our WordPress plugins support help desk with the details and we'll take care of the transfer for you.

Details include:

  • What you need us to do.
  • The number of websites and their domain names.
  • Access to your current hosting account or cPanel, if you're comfortable releasing that information.
  • FTP access, SSH access, or root access.

If you are moving away from our hosting to another hosting provider, the data migration is unfortunately your or your new hosting provider's responsibility. Or, alternatively we can give you a quote to do this for you, which must be pre-paid, but the service is not included free of charge.

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