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We use EasyCron for our cron jobs and scheduled tasks because it is reliable, quick and efficient!

Our clients and customers are absolutely impressed by EasyCron because of how easy it is to use and how consistent the service has been.

We recommend and suggest EasyCron to our WordPress Newsletter plugin customers for the cron jobs and scheduled tasks inside the plugin to ensure reliable delivery of emails, always!

What is EasyCron?

EasyCron is an online, 3rd party cron job service which lets you execute/ping URLs or any cron job expressions. These cron jobs always run on time and they run efficiently, no matter how long the script runs or how big the output is.

With the availability of EasyCron, you can run all your cron jobs in one, centralized place for all your sites and systems.

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EasyCron has several plans you can choose from. They start with a Free plan up to a Max plan.

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