Plugin Information

Place multiple banners on your WordPress front-end, either embedding them into posts/pages, hardcoding them into your theme or by dragging the sidebar widgets to your sidebar(s).

You can create unlimited image (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), Flash (with clickTAG) and code (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) ads/banners, manage them all in the administration panel and see their stats with impressions, clicks and a CTR ratio.

With Ads, Zones and Sizes and the different methods of placing ads on the front-end of your WordPress website, the possibilities are endless and the combinations give you the flexibility you need.

Add Beautiful Banners

You can save unlimited banner ads and configure each ad individually according to your needs.

You may save your own custom banner ad sizes and edit the predefined ad sizes installed with the plugin. Each size takes a title, width and height.

Banner Widget

Put multiple sidebar widgets into your dynamic WordPress sidebar(s). Each widget can be configured respectively to display an ad, size, zone or size & zone.

Easy, Yet Flexible Setup and Management

Upon installation, all settings and features are setup as needed so that you can start adding banners immediately.

Overall management throughout the plugin is extremely user-friendly and efficient. Manage all your banner ads in the administration panel and perform bulk actions on them.

Plugin Features

  •  Charts/graphs for Ads
  •  Dashboard Widget with Graph
  •  Multiple Banner Zones
  •  Predefined Banner Sizes
  •  Manage Banner Sizes
  •  Unlimited Sidebar Widgets
  •  Theme Hardcoding
  •  Post/Page Embedding
  •  Image & Flash Banners
  •  HTML Code (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  •  Easy Banner Upload Feature
  •  Impressions Tracking
  •  Click Tracking
  •  Auto Banner Refresh (Ajax)
  •  Localization/Translation
  •  Order/sort Banner Ads
  •  Multiple Banners per Widget
  •  clickTAG for Flash banners
  •  HTML for external sites
  •  Start/End date for banners
  •  Editor button for shortcodes
  •  Video Ads
  •  Ad Blocker Detection

Plugin Screenshots

  • hardcode


    Hardcode for ads, sizes and zones are displayed in the administration panel which you can easily copy & paste into your WP theme.

  • configuration-settings

    Configuration Settings

    The configuration settings of the banner ads plugin allows you to control the way the software will behave.

  • per-page

    Per Page

    You can specify how many records should be shown per page for Ads, Sizes and Zones.

  • preview-banner-ads

    Preview Banner Ads

    Quickly preview your banner ads in the administration panel by opening an overlay displaying the ad as it would appear on your WordPress website.

  • save-banner-ads

    Save Banner Ads

    Save unlimited banner ads and configure each ad individually according to your needs.

  • pagination


    Pagination is available in all administration sections, allowing you to easily flip through your records.

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