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Main plugins

View our main plugins page to understand which plugins are affected by this "main plugins" policy. Scroll down to view the updates/renewals policy for our extensions and newsletter themes as it differs. Scroll down to find out how to cancel a renewal/recurring payments.

The license on your initial purchase of a software package will not expire (this means, the ability to use the plugin you buy from us will not expire). All licenses and purchases are permanent and can be used by the individual or company/organization for as long as it is needed.

We work hard to support our families and our staff, and to keep our plugins up to date with the latest coding technologies, bug fixes, new features, and as such, downloading future releases of software packages (main plugins) 1 year after the first purchase or after the last renewal of updates will require an active updates subscription.

For each plugin, you get to choose between a 1 year subscription or a lifetime subscription.

The Single/Blogger license allows you to use a main plugin and get automatic updates on one website. An Unlimited/Developer license allows you to use a main plugin and get automatic updates on any number of websites.

1 year subscription

All main plugins purchased are subject to a 1 year subscription updates package, which is included, unless you own the lifetime updates subscription. Thereafter, update packages are available at a highly reduced price and you can decide to renew for the designated time that you choose (see below) right here on the Tribulant Software website. If no renewal is purchased, updates will no longer be delivered to your WordPress system. However, you can still use your purchased plugin as it is yours forever. If you experience any security issue or bug with your plugin, we would bear no responsibility. We regularly update our plugins to prevent bugs and security issues from affecting our products. We also introduce new features to improve our products.

Lifetime subscription

As the name implies, the lifetime subscription allows you to keep downloading the latest updates of a main plugin for the life of that plugin. No renewals required for that plugin.

Upgrade to lifetime

If you own a 1 year subscription, you can upgrade to the lifetime subscription at any time and only pay the difference. This is for both Single/Blogger and Unlimited/Developer licenses. You can upgrade by logging in to your account and visiting the Downloads page, or when renewing a plugin. Click on the appropriate button to purchase the lifetime subscription.

To view your current downloads and renew the updates for packages, see your downloads management section.

Update periods include 3, 6, 12, and 24 months, or lifetime, and the price reflects the period. You can choose for how long to renew your download each time.

If you would like to change your payment period and have a current subscription with an active payment profile, simply cancel it (see below), and when it's time to renew, you can choose another update period.

Please note that the renewal price for an Unlimited/Developer License and the WordPress Plugins Bundle are higher than the renewal price of the Single/Blogger License. The WordPress Plugins Bundle's renewal prices for both Single and Unlimited licenses are the same as the renewal prices for the Unlimited/Developer license.

Renewal prices for a Single/Blogger license:
3 months: 6 USD
6 months: 12 USD
12 months: 24 USD
24 months: 48 USD

Renewal prices for an Unlimited/Developer license and the WordPress Plugins Bundle:
3 months: 14 USD
6 months: 28 USD
12 months: 56 USD
24 months: 112 USD

Updates are available for both major and minor version releases. With an updates package for a product, you can continuously and infinitely access your files for download until the updates subscription expires. As explained above, the license for the current version of the software being used will never expire.

Please note that Tribulant Software has the right to increase or decrease the cost of update prices in the future, if needed, to cover and fund development.

View our Refund Policy for renewals/recurring payments.

Last pricing update: March 6, 2022

Plugin extensions and newsletter themes

Every extension plugin and newsletter theme receives lifetime updates and requires no renewal. You pay only once for extensions and templates.

Extension plugins are extensions built for our 2 main plugins, the Tribulant WordPress Newsletter plugin and the Tribulant Shopping Cart plugin.

Email templates/themes are templates built for our Tribulant WordPress Newsletter plugin.

How to cancel a renewal

If you have recurring billing set up for any download purchased from Tribulant Software and you no longer wish to be rebilled, please cancel the automatic renewal immediately.

If it's set up in PayPal, there are 2 ways to cancel your subscription:
1. Log in to your account and, in My Account, click on Subscriptions. You'll find the cancel button there.
2. Follow this link to learn about how cancel it. You can also use this method to confirm that the above, method 1, successfully cancelled the subscription.

If it's set up in Stripe credit card, please log in to your account and, in My Account, click on Subscriptions. You'll find the cancel button there.

See our refund policy for more information.