WordPress Plugin Extensions

for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

EU VAT Exemption

Exempt order VAT from customers with a valid, registered EU VAT...


WorldNet TPS Hosted

WorldNet TPS Hosted payment gateway gives you the power to accept credit cards and debit cards in your...


Payeezy / Clover e4 Web Services API by First Data

Start selling online within minutes with WordPress and First Data using your First Data Global Gateway e4...


PayPal Advanced

Sell online with the Shopping Cart plugin and your PayPal Advanced or Payflow Link account. It is easy to...


Zoom Gallery

Create beautiful, user-friendly image galleries on products with a zoom effect on hover to eliminate any...


IntegraPay API

The IntegraPay API payment gateway gives you the ability to accept credit card payments on your WordPress...


eWAY Rapid API

eWAY Rapid 3.1 - One integration, all...



Suncorp Bank Virtual POS payment gateway for the Shopping Cart...


Product Reviews

Let your customers review your products individually on your site by submitting their details with a rating...


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