WordPress Plugin Extensions

for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Newsletters Subscribers

Capture customers in the Shopping Cart plugin as subscribers in the Newsletter plugin during the checkout...


Payeezy / Clover e4 Web Services API by First Data

Start selling online within minutes with WordPress and First Data using your First Data Global Gateway e4...


Payeezy / Clover e4 Hosted Payment Page by First Data

Use the Payeezy / Clover e4 Hosted Payment Page by First Data to accept payments from your clients/customers...


One Click SSL

One click https:// (SSL) capability in your shop and checkout...


Stripe Payment Gateway

Process payments through your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with the Stripe payment gateway while keeping...


Advanced Coupons

Take total control over discount coupons in the Shopping Cart plugin. This extension expands the existing...


Echo Global Logistics

Calculate shipping services/rates for customers in real time during the checkout procedure with Echo Global...


Apco Pay

Accept credit card payments through the Apco Pay payment gateway and the WordPress Shopping Cart...


Guest Checkout

Allow customers to checkout on your WordPress website without having to register or login to an...