Plugin Information

Manage frequently asked questions on your WordPress website with the WordPress FAQ plugin. The FAQ plugin integrates flawlessly with the new WordPress administration interface.

This FAQ software comes with a full featured administration dashboard where you can manage question groups and questions. A configuration section is available where you can tweak the plugin according to your needs and preferences.

On the front-end of your WordPress website, users can browse through your FAQs, flipping through your questions with an easy to use sliding accordion feature. Users can search the FAQs and also submit questions of their own.

User Interaction

Users can ask questions on the front-end and after the admin approval the user can see the answer. This questions and answers are visible to all users on the site.

Allow your users to interact on the front-end where your FAQ question groups are displayed. When creating a question group, you can enable these features if needed/wanted.

Search Form

With the search form, users can type in a keyword or keyword phrase to quickly find questions within an FAQ question group or within the entire FAQ database. Both questions and answers are searched for the submitted keyword.

Submission Box

Your users can submit questions to an FAQ question group. You have the ability to choose whether or not they have to be registered (and logged in) in order to post questions.

All submitted questions will be inserted into the database with an unapproved status, and you receive an email notification so that you can answer and publish them.


The WordPress FAQ plugin is ready to be translated into your own preferred language using any of the given WordPress translation methods.

Please read more about translating a WordPress plugin.

Management Made Easy

Overall management throughout the plugin is extremely user-friendly and efficient so that you can focus on getting great content out to your readers.

Create groups to organise questions asked by users. You can even assign a question to multiple groups. By creating groups, you make it easy for other users to find an answer they are looking for.

Plugin Features

  •  Question Groups
  •  Manage Question Sets
  •  Ajax Features
  •  User Submissions
  •  User Search Form
  •  Accordion Sliding Feature
  •  Mass Actions
  •  Built in image gallery
  •  Order/Sort Groups
  •  Order/Sort Questions
  •  Auto Approve Questions
  •  Translation/Localization
  •  Updates Notification
  •  Captcha Image
  •  Group Posts/Pages
  •  Question Posts/Pages
  •  Related Questions
  •  User Notify on Answer
  •  Admin Question Notifications
  •  Dashboard Widget
  •  Multilingual with (m)qTranslate
  •  Featured Questions/Answers

Plugin Screenshots

  • questions-widget

    Questions Widget

    Display FAQ questions in your WordPress sidebar(s) and choose the number of questions to display with full control over sorting/ordering. You can display latest questions for example.

  • dashboard-widget

    Dashboard Widget

    See an overview of groups, questions and your latest questions right in the WordPress Dashboard of your site.

  • configuration-settings

    Configuration Settings

    With a full set of essential configuration settings you have the authority to determine how your FAQ will behave.

  • order-questions

    Order Questions

    With an easy to use drag and drop interface you can order/sort qall questions and questions for individual groups according to your preference.

  • related-questions

    Related Questions

    With a magnificent interface you can drag and drop related questions to specific questions and they will show up on those questions' individual posts/pages.

  • manage-faq-groups

    Manage FAQ Groups

    Easily manage dozens of FAQ groups/categories and modify them according to your needs.

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