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Plugin Information

A full-featured newsletter plugin for WordPress which fulfils all subscribers, emails, marketing and newsletter related needs for both personal and business environments.

It has robust, efficient and unique features! This is an all-in-one newsletter tool for your WordPress site can be configured to behave as desired and it will provide the best experience for your email subscribers at the same time.

The software works the way you do so you can focus on creating newsletters and giving your website the necessary exposure!

Create Beautiful Newsletters

With a set of professional, customisable, pre-made templates included, you can start sending appealing newsletters to your subscribers within minutes.

You can also design your own email templates or purchase email templates online to add to the plugin. There are no limitations and templates can be used for different purposes.

Track Your Results

Charts display emails sent, subscriber growth, unsubscribes and bounces for a specific time period.

Each newsletter individually gives you feedback on the emails read/opened, unsubscribes, bounces and even the clicks on links inside the newsletter so that you know what works and what does not.

Easy, Yet Flexible Setup

Upon installation, all settings and features are setup as needed so that you can start capturing subscribers and sending newsletters immediately.

Nonetheless, you can configure each and every feature by toggling behaviour, making functionality available, specifying captions and much more.

Personalise & Customise

Create custom fields to capture and hold specific values for subscribers such as name, gender, address, interests, choices, dates, etc.

Use custom fields to personalise newsletters and also to segment the sending of newsletters to specific subscribers based on certain criteria.

Management Made Easy

Overall management throughout the plugin is extremely user-friendly and efficient so that you can focus on getting great content out to your readers.

Create groups and lists to organise subscribers. Each list can behave differently and you can create private lists or even paid lists for exclusive content.

Multilingual Ready

A multilingual plugin, fully integrated with qTranslate, mqTranslate and WPML .

Translate your Newsletter Plugin with any one of these multilingual plugins.

Extend & Integrate

Several extension plugins are available to perform distinct functions or integrate with 3rd party plugins.

Use the action and filter hooks to create your own features, functions or even build your own extension plugins which could be sold to customers.

Plugin Features

  •  Multiple Mailing Lists
  •  Bounce Email Management
  •  Newsletter Queue & Scheduling
  •  Newsletter Templates
  •  Complete Email History
  •  Unlimited Sidebar Widgets
  •  Post/Page Opt-In Embedding
  •  Offsite Subscription Forms
  •  Publish Newsletter as a Post
  •  Send Post as a Newsletter
  •  Add Email Attachments
  •  SMTP Authentication
  •  Gmail SMTP Capability
  •  Ajax Powered Features
  •  Import/Export Subscribers
  •  Custom Dynamic Opt-In Fields
  •  Paid Subscriptions (PayPal & 2CheckOut)
  •  Integrates with the banner rotator plugin
  •  WordPress MU Compatible
  •  Unlimited Subscribers/Contacts
  •  Email Tracking
  •  IP Logging of Subscribers
  •  Updates Notification
  •  Newsletter Themes
  •  POP/IMAP Bounce Handling
  •  Latest Posts Subscription
  •  Unlimited emails/newsletters
  •  Single/Multiple Posts into Emails
  • click tracking
  •  Autoresponders
  •  Newsletters by conditions
  •  Multilingual (qTranslate & WPML)
  •  Custom Post Types
  •  Link/click tracking
  •  DKIM Signature
  •  WordPress Dashboard Widget

Plugin Screenshots

  • subscriber-statistics

    Subscriber Statistics

    The subscriber statistics will show you the number of subscribers for the past week, each day respectively.

  • flexible-configuration

    Flexible Configuration

    Configure the plugin to suit your personal/business needs. The settings allow you to change the behavior of the plugin as a whole.

  • historydraft-emails

    History/Draft Emails

    In the "History/Draft Emails" section of the plugin you can view all your past newsletters sent and drafts that you might have saved for future use. These emails can easily be edited as well.

  • newsletter-themes

    Newsletter Themes

    Save newsletter themes with content or layouts that you use often. These themes can be loaded into the editor at any time to edit and afterwards sent again to multiple mailing lists.

  • email-queue

    Email Queue

    With the email scheduling feature, you can tell the plugin to put emails sent out into a queue and schedule it to fire several emails at an interval. Very useful for load-shedding on your server.

  • export-subscribers

    Export Subscribers

    Save your subscribers from all or a specific mailing list (with custom fields) to a CSV spreadsheet for a backup or to use in a different application. You can specify an email address as well and have it emailed directly to you.

  • import-subscribers

    Import Subscribers

    Recover subscribers and import them from a CSV spreadsheet or Mac OS address book file directly into your WordPress database. Custom fields importing is also supported.

  • custom-dynamic-fields

    Custom Dynamic Fields

    Create custom fields to capture additional data from your subscribers. Different field types such as text, select, checkboxes, radio buttons and textarea are available.

  • sidebar-widgets

    Sidebar Widgets

    Drag unlimited sidebar widgets to your sidbar(s) and configure each one individually. The widget control gives you the flexibility you need to create the right widget for your site.

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