Five Reasons Why You Should Use Digital Animation in 2020

In the wonderful world of digital content, it’s difficult to know where you should plant your flag – as a business or entrepreneur – to leverage new technology and network sharing to your business’ advantage. There’s simply so much you can do, from composing exciting videos to writing informed web content with multi-media infographics to support your argument and worldview. Below, though, you’re going to learn why digital animation is the new in-thing for businesses looking to communicate with their customers. Concise, effective, and brilliantly attractive, this is a tip for your marketing team to take on for 2020.



One of the primary elements of a marketing campaign is that it’s got to look cutting-edge and modern for it to be noticed. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Christmas advert in January, and it’s the same with clearly outdated content that consumers come across. With digital animation – which is still a young and developing field – you’re sure to engage consumers on the basis of the modern novelty of the art form that you’re promoting on your site.



There’s something inherently exciting about looking at a digital animation or motion graphics designed and derived from computer algorithms by talents artists who are able to use binary code to produce amazing things. This excitement isn’t lost on your web users and customers, who will be deeply engaged in a piece of content that offers surprises and innovation alongside your brand message. You only have to check out the output from the animation company to understand just how exciting these motion graphics can get.



While visually stunning content often speaks for itself, it also comes with a quiet but stubborn message: you’re professional, you have the cash and the ingenuity to produce something this exciting, and this makes you a trustworthy brand. If your brand can be associated with some of the most sophisticated producers of digital motion graphics and animations in the world, you’ll draw a level of respect from consumers that you certainly would not if you produce a simple how-to video with a human presenter and only basic motion graphics.



Then there’s the fact that an exciting video is far more shareable in the modern information economy than a piece of long-form text, or a photo. Indeed, algorithms on Facebook and other social media websites auto-play your videos for customers, and flashy motion graphics are often enough to entice web users to stay with your video and share it across their personal platforms. This is an excellent way to gain greater brand awareness through smart motion graphics and animation leveraging.



A well-designed animation can stick with your brand for years. As such, it’s something that you can repurpose, or promote anew, again and again, providing increasingly effective ROI for your marketing team, and proving to be a hit time after time with consumers. Unlike text, which can age and read in a boring way after a few months on the web, a video is always engaging and exciting and will help your customers relate to you and your brand over time.

There you have it: five important ways in which digital animation will help improve the videos promoted by your brand in 2020.

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