3 Business Ideas You Can Start with a Few Hundred Dollars

So, you’ve decided you’re going to bootstrap an epic entrepreneurial endeavor by launching your first small business with no more than a few hundred dollars to invest. That might seem like a pipe dream to someone who’s never started a business from the ground up without any external funding, but rest assured it is a very real possibility if you focus on certain endeavors that don’t involve extensive startup costs. With that said, here are three business ideas that almost anyone can start with an investment seed of no more than $200-$500:

1. Local Consignment

A local consignment works like this: you buy items from people through local classified sites and social media groups, and then resell the items online or locally through the same platforms. There are some absurdly cheap deals available on the second-hand market – often even cheaper than wholesale bulk order prices. In fact, when it comes to sourcing clothing and other low-cost items, you can often find bundles being given away for free or ultra-low prices like $10-$20. Hypothetically, you could probably take out a bad credit loan payday from Loan Pig USA and obtain all the money you need to build up a decent inventory that will get your consignment business up and running.

2. Pet Grooming

The equipment needed to start a pet grooming business should cost no more than a few hundred dollars and will give you the ability to earn as much as $20-$30 per hour performing a relatively easy and enjoyable job, especially if you’re an animal lover. You can even offer mobile pet grooming services and show up to your clients’ homes to avoid the cost of having to pay rent for a place of business. Alternatively, you could make the job even cheaper on yourself by converting part of your home into a pet grooming office, so you wouldn’t even need to leave your house.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be a goal that seems out of reach for someone who isn’t web-savvy. However, it really is just a matter of distributing promotional content across the internet and waiting for the numbers game to pay off. You could take an investment of a few hundred dollars and use it to pay for your web hosting, site design, and a small pay-per-click or another marketing campaign. While this approach will generally require a great deal of independent effort to make up for the fact that you won’t be able to pay a team of writers and marketers, the hard work can definitely pay off if you’re able to blossom into a leading affiliate for a major ad network.

Some Businesses Even Require NO Upfront Investment

Now that you realize there are at least three business models that won’t require much to launch, you might be wondering if there are others like these. Actually, if you’re creative and persistent enough, you could probably find a handful of doable businesses that will cost little to nothing to get going.

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