Top 6 essential WordPress security plugins

As of January this year, WordPress is used by over 29.4% of the top 10 million websites in the world. In all, it is currently supporting over 60 million websites. The numbers are staggering and the popularity apparent. But WordPress has its flaws. In early 2017, a security breach affected close to 1.5 million web pages supported by WordPress.

However, WordPress is an open source platform and though this makes it vulnerable to attack, it also enables the development of various types of plugins that can enhance security and keep hackers at bay. In this article, we run over some of the effective security plugins that will make life safer for any WordPress user.

Install WordPress security plugins to harden and secure WordPress from hackers and attacks.


Best WordPress Security Plugins

Here is the list of the best WordPress security plugins:



WordPress Security Plugins: WordFence

This plugin allows the user to view traffic and scans for malware in real time. After scans of WordPress core, themes and plugins, and assessing for 44 thousand malware signatures across the world. If a threat is found, the user is immediately notified by email. It also provides the option of two-factor authentication via SMS and allows for the blocking of traffic from specific countries.

It is no surprise that WordFence is used by militaries worldwide. Most features of this plugin are free, but some additional features come with a premium account. Paying for this exhaustive security plugin is worth it.


iThemes Security

WordPress Security Plugins: iThemes Security Pro

Before going into all the benefits of this plugin, it is important to elucidate that it suffered a serious security breach in the year 2014, due to a very basic fault. iThemes was storing user information in unencrypted form, such that the hackers could view the information in clear text. The company did own up to their part in the breach, but exactly what was done to rectify the way user information is stored, is unclear.

However, iThemes has several plusses. The free version of this plugin has a wide range of features not ordinarily a part of other non-premium plugins. iThemes provides brute force protection, security reports and file change detection. It even locks out users who have had multiple failed log-in attempts or 404 errors. It can detect attacks to the user’s database and files and is also sensitive to attacks from bots. It also uses two-factor authentication. So, considering all the features and the fact that it’s free, it’s a great option. The security breach in 2014 would make any user hesitant, but since the iThemes team took full responsibility and admitted their mistake, we hope history doesn’t repeat itself!


All-in-one WP security and firewall

WordPress Security Plugins: All In One WP Security and Firewall

One of the most user-friendly security plugins for WordPress, it scans files and for malware as well and notifies you immediately. It also has a metric system to measure the level of security that your website has at any given time. The more security options you add, the higher your score goes on the meter.

All-in-one WP security and firewall also provides defense against brute force login attack with the help of Login Lockdown. It also enables you to lock out certain IP addresses from logging in, such as those from which there have been multiple failed login attempts. It monitors all host system logs and informs you of any issues that require fixing. This plugin also allows for firewall protection which will block any malicious scripts before they can reach your WordPress site code.


Sucuri security

WordPress Security Plugins: Sucuri Security

Sucuri specializes in website security and offers security to various websites apart from WordPress. Sucuri highlights the integrity of your site by displaying on your dashboard what needs to be fixed after assessment of your WordPress files.

The malware scanner searches for malware, errors, and alerts you if you have been put on the blacklist by Google, Norton and other spam lists. Sucuri offers firewall protection that ensures hackers, undesirable traffic, and DDOS attacks are eliminated before they reach your site. The firewall, however, falls under the paid plan. There is also a section that provides you with options after your site has been hacked, such as resetting security keys and passwords, as well as infected plugins. So, apart from the fact that the firewall option has to be paid for, Sucuri is an exhaustive, user-friendly security option.


WP antivirus site protection

WordPress Security Plugins: WP Antivirus Site Protection

This plugin is especially effective in scanning for malicious code and preventing the attack. It can detect various types of malware such as website defacements, hidden iframes, MySQL and JavaScript injections and PHP mailers.

The antivirus feature also allows for deep scanning of all files on your website and removal of malware. WP antivirus site protection can detect Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, spyware and hidden links.


Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

WordPress Security Plugins: Block Bad Queries

BBQ ensures that every request sent to your WordPress website is analyzed before the WordPress core executes it. It simply blocks malicious requests when it detects them and prevents them from accessing your website. The plugin displays a 403 Forbidden error as it blocks the query.

Block Bad Queries protects from various types of attacks such as SQL injection and directory traversal and cross-site scripting. This plugin is highly customizable but still user-friendly and configuration free.

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