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We have just released version 1.1 of the awesome Embedded Images extension plugin for the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

What Does it Do?

If you are not familiar with this extension plugin, let me explain quick…

HTML newsletters usually have images in them which are loaded remotely from your server into the email/webmail client of the person reading the email. It could take a while for the images to appear, depending on their sizes.

The Embedded Images extension plugin automatically takes images in the newsletter as you send it out and embeds the images into the email using Content-ID technology. This way the images load immediately as your readers open it, requests to your server are drastically reduced and it is 100% cross-client compatible. It works for everyone!

What Has Changed in Embedded Images v1.1?


  • Cleanup procedure with schedule function to remove old attachments
  • Automatic online updates/upgrades in WordPress


  • WordPress multi-site compatibility for storage of images/attachments
  • New hooks to filter content instead of direct, core integration


  • IMG attributes on the element/tag are removed
  • Windows/IIS recognition for paths and other things
  • Email client cache on embedded images by CID
  • Images/attachments are created for [wpmltrack] links/images

For more information about the Embedded Images extension plugin please read the documentation and the release notes for v1.1.

Get Embedded Images v1.1 Now!

Existing Users

Current users can download version 1.1 if they haven’t done so yet. To download, please make sure you’re logged in to your Tribulant Software account.

Since we integrated automatic updates/upgrades into the extension plugin you can automatically upgrade through WordPress for future releases.

New Users

Why not treat your Newsletter plugin to this awesome extension plugin? Embed images right into your email newsletters rather than having them open from a remote location. This increases chances that they won’t be blocked and that your recipients will see the images intended for them.

You can purchase the Embedded Images extension plugin here. Use the discount coupon code “2013” (without quotes) to apply a 10% discount on your purchase.


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