One Click SSL plugin

Our new One Click SSL plugin is free, user-friendly and universally essential to everyone.

How Does it Work?

The plugin will enable SSL on WordPress with a single click to redirect all pages from non-SSL to SSL.

It also ensures that all resources – such as images, scripts, stylesheets and more – on your SSL pages are loaded securely over https:// to prevent mixed-content or insecure-content error messages from the browser which may alarm your users.

To get started with a secure WordPress website running on SSL is quick and easy:

1. Get SSL Support

If you do not already have SSL support on your hosting, you can ask your hosting provider to install an SSL certificate for you.

You can also purchase an SSL certificate from us which includes installation or alternatively consider our WordPress hosting which includes free, automatic SSL at no extra cost.

2. Install and Activate One Click SSL

Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for “one click ssl“.

Then look for One Click SSL by Tribulant Software and click on the “Install Now” button to install it. With the installation done, click the “Activate” button to activate it and start using it.

Alternatively, you can manually download the One Click SSL plugin and install it. See the online documentation of the plugin for more details if necessary.

Importance of SSL

Many providers and companies have been fighting for the entire internet to become secure using SSL and it is truly happening now.

You may not need to know all the technical aspects of SSL but at least know that it stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it encrypts all data in transit on your website to prevent any theft, interception or hacking of data as your users or customers are using your website.

The bottom line and most important aspect is that you can provide your users with security and peace of mind with the use of SSL.

Get One Click SSL now!


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