WordPress Popup plugin Launch!


You happily surf the Web and mosey on over to an interesting-looking site. No sooner had your eyes started adjusting to the page you arrived at, when:


The popup that just opened in front of you didn’t imprint its make and serial number in your forehead. But it sure got your attention, right?

Popups. Love them or hate them, they are sure fire attention grabbers. And whether you believe it or not, you CAN make a huge impression on your website visitors with strategically used, properly controlled popups that don’t tick them off by jumping up at every page load, looking downright ugly and unprofessional.

Now we don’t know whether you’ve noticed it or not, but really decent popup plugins for WordPress seem to be in rather short supply…

Until now, that is.

Allow us to introduce you to…

WordPress Popup plugin

WordPress Popup plugin is a full-featured popup solution that is designed to give the user maximum control and a myriad of usage options. It is under constant development and we have huge plans for its future, but take a look at *some* of the current features:

Unlimited Popups per Site

How often have you found a decent-looking WordPress popup plugin (at last!) when, to your dismay, you realize that it allows you to create the grand total of 1 (one) popup on your site? Back to Google…

Not so with this WordPress Popup plugin. You can create popups to heart’s content, all over your site (be tasteful and discreet though). Make posts, pages, widgets, external web pages, custom content and opt-in forms popup wherever you like – whether on page load (immediate or delayed), on clicking a link, on mouseover or when moving the mouse cursor off the page to the top.

Advanced Show/Hide Functions

Popups can be shown or hidden over specific post types, specific posts or pages, specific URLs (with wildcard support), or simply shown everywhere. They can also be set to display only to a certain user type or a range of user types (or, of course, to everybody!).

Attributes and Styles

When you’re done configuring your popup it will feel like it’s been to an expensive beauty salon. You can set/adjust the popup’s width and height, transparency, “draggability,” background, title bar, border, drop shadow, semi-transparent page overlay etc. Even set a popup as modal, so that the underlying page cannot be clicked on while the popup is being displayed.

Advanced Positioning

The WordPress Popup plugin has an expansive number of possibilities for the positioning of popups in relation to your browser window or web page. Set it to appear smack in the middle, or adjust it according to the four sides of the browser window using pixels or percentages. And get this: Optionally adjust placement of a popup in relation to a web element in the underlying page!

Had Enough?

Then head over to the WordPress Popup plugin page and make sure your site sports the most versatile popup plugin for WordPress today!


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  1. soumali on January 21, 2014

    Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 3.6?

  2. Jill Colt on August 27, 2013

    Hi. I don’t suppose this can rotate ads, and track clicks for split-testing?

  3. Helen on July 17, 2013

    Great plugin. Useful and easily integratable with the friendly features. http://www.adoric.com/features

  4. Popupcode rotator plugin on June 28, 2013

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  5. Armanison on May 8, 2013

    I read your blog it’s awesome, I too use word press for
    blogging. Your suggestion is very useful for bloggers.



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