Practical Tips For Using Colors To Improve UI/UX Of Your Website

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Color is one of the most important UI elements that designers need to pay attention to when designing their websites. With the right color usage, visitors will stay longer on a website and this increases the chances of them performing positive customer action on the website. A website could be offering the best products but if the design of the website is not appealing, it will be difficult to get customers on board. Color plays an important role in enhancing the user experience of a website and that is why designers need to get the color combinations right if they are to gain favor with online users. In this article, we highlight practical tips on how to use colors to improve a website’s interface so as to ensure that online visitors have a good time when they land on your website.

1. Implement the 60:30:10 rule

The 60:30:10 rule is an interior design technique that can be used to great effect when designing a website. This styling technique strives to create balance in the design of elements whereby colors are combined in the ratio of 60%, 30%, and 10%. The dominant color takes the biggest percentage while the secondary hue takes one-third of the color composition. The remaining 10% goes to the color that will be used to make the accents. Every brand has the colors that it wants to be associated with and this color composition ensures that the brand’s online resources like the website are well designed for enhanced user experience. This proportionate use of colors allows the users to perceive the website’s visual elements gradually as they interact with the website. This rule also makes it less likely for designers to mess up their websites with colors and this goes a long way to enhance the online user experience.

2. Use a strong background color to make the website stand out

Bold backgrounds have been gaining popularity of late and it is easy to see why that is the case. Powerful backgrounds make it easy to highlight sections of a website and create interest in the website’s offerings. Bold colors are great attention seekers and this could be what you need to get more visitors to your website. With all the options that online users are exposed to, you need something that pops to get them to your website and a strong background color is the way to go in this regard. Some of the colors to consider in this case include orange, yellow, green and red.

3. Play it safe with BLUE

Blue is one of the safest colors that you can use for UI design. The color blue is a favorite for both men and women and as such, you can never go wrong if you pick it as the primary color of your website. There are those who are color sensitive and they may exit your website should you choose bold hues for your website color. If you are looking to play it safe with your color choices, blue is the way to go just as some of the top website like Facebook, Twitter, Safari, and Microsoft did. It is easy to be accepted and cultivate trust with your users with the color blue and this makes it a great color choice if you don’t have any other alternative.

4. Contrast is a great design aspect

Color contrast is an important design aspect to consider for added visual appeal. It brings out the individual color elements used in UI design and makes them noticeable. Studiesindicate that a website is less likely to draw users if it only contains color shades from the same family and that is why designers need to use contrasting colors to gain user attention. Moreover, the copy content on such websites look illegible and this will make it impossible for users to understand what has been published.

When implementing color contrast, designers should match it to the website’s goals. To get the users to pay attention to certain web elements, highly contrasting colors like blue and red would be ideal. Call to action buttons should also feature a highly contrasting color hue to make them visible and to increase the click rate.

5. Influence from nature

The natural environment contains beautiful color combinations that can be used in website design to improve the user experience. Sunsets and dawns are beautiful and their color combinations can be used to add a natural feel to a website. Designers are, therefore, advised to spend some time in nature to get color inspiration for their websites.


The success of a website is determined by the user experience and the choice of color is one of the UI design elements that play a role in this. With the right color combination, users will feel comfortable when interacting with the website and above are tips that will help designers implement the best color strategies for their websites.

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