The Websites To Study To Understand Interactive Elements


Interactivity is the motto for those who wish to create successful websites. Users are no longer satisfied by passively staring at platforms; they want to interact with them and personalise them if possible. That’s what the interactive elements can do, and that’s why those elements are so important for your website. What are they, though?


Defining the Concept

Interactive elements, broadly speaking, are everything in a website that users can, well, interact with. This kind of element can keep users on your website for longer and invite them to explore it. Check below a few examples and how they work.



Web designers have extensively used infographics. Yet, the interaction feature can make this tool even more effective. By allowing users to edit and highlight different layers, it’s possible to deliver more information. Moreover, they can guide users to other parts of your website.



Calculators are incredibly useful tools, chiefly for those casino games based on skill and knowledge. Sometimes, an odds calculator can be a gambler’s best friend. Having one on your website (provided it’s gambling-related, of course) can really help attract new visitors and retain them as returnees.



Studies confirm that most users don’t spend more than 50 milliseconds on a webpage if nothing grabs their attention there. That’s a very narrow window, and developers must do their best to catch the users’ eyes at first sight. Interactive animations are another way of doing the trick.



If shopping has gone virtual, why not product-testing? Virtual testing is one of the main weapons for websites to retain customers. This kind of testing gives users a much better idea of the product they might be interested in. Cosmetics and clothing are some of the industries that use this tool extensively.



Everybody loves quizzes. From general knowledge to ego-trips, quizzes are almost sure to engage visitors for a while, especially if they’re just killing time. Additionally, quizzes are more likely to be shared than most content, having your customers do the advertising for you.



Filling a form can be engaging. Who knew? Moreover, forms can feed your database with valuable information about your clients. Information like age group, gender, and occupation, can help you devise your marketing strategy. Additionally, forms get clients in touch with you, increasing your chances of conversion.


Social Media

Approximately 4.5 billion people are using at least one social media globally. It’s more than half of the world’s population. Getting your content to one or more social media is simply mandatory these days. Add buttons on your website, linking them to your professional accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Doing the Math

You may have the best content in your field. Still, putting it up in the search results depends on algorithms and numbers. The first equation you need to get acquainted with is the Bounce Rate. The Bounce Rate calculates how many people have left your website after doing nothing on it. It’s expressed by Rb= Tv/Te, where R is the bounce rate, Tv is “total one-page visits”, and Te represents the total entries on the page.

The Bounce Rate isn’t to be confused with the Exit Rate, which works differently. The Exit Rate measures which is the last page visited by a prospective customer before leaving your website. This rate doesn’t depend on how many pages the visitor has clicked on before. It’s expressed by Re= Texits/Tviews.



There are many ways of making your website more engaging, efficient, and fun. Notice, though, that your interactive elements must be well-thought and well-designed. Too many elements on a single page can backfire and make things confusing. By analysing the Bounce Rate, and the Exit Rate, you can understand how your visitors behave on your website and adapt it accordingly.

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