Checkout – One Click SSL v1.2 Release Notes

One Click SSL v1.2 release notes Fixed PHP 8.2 compatibility.

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One Click SSL 1.4.9 release notes

WordPress One Click SSL plugin 1.4.9 release notes. Added “Dismiss” button on the admin area rating notice to dismiss it forever. Improved Text improvements. Fixed Avada theme conflict (critical error when Avada was active).

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Newsletters – DAP 1.3 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.3 of the Newsletters – Digital Access Pass extension plugin. Fixed Critical error when no other addon is active.

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Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.8 Release Notes

Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.8 release notes.   Fixed Compatibility with FSE (Full Site Editing).

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Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.7 Release Notes

Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.7 release notes.   Fixed Unwanted code displayed below the slider because of an older IE6 fix. Search result in plugins showed a warning. Security updates.

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