WP Banners v2.4.9 Release Notes


WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin v2.4.9 Release Notes

  • WordPress 2.7 Integration
    The banners plugin has been integrated into the WordPress 2.7 administration interface.
  • Preview feature in “Ads” section
    In the “Ads” section of the WordPress banners plugin, you’ll notice a “preview” link next to the title of each banner ad. By clicking this “preview” link, an overlay will appear with the banner ad as it is displayed to your users on the front-end.
  • Calendar for ad expiration
    When you save a banner ad, you can specify whether or not the ad expires by clicking on the “Expires” radio buttons. If you specify “Yes”, a date input field will be shown together with a small calendar icon to the right which will display a JavaScript calendar when clicked.
  • Ads mass deletion fix
    A bug has been fixed related to the mass deletion of ads. The ZonesAd assocations weren’t properly removed as expected.
  • jQuery Porting
    The previous version of the plugin used the Prototype JavaScript library and Scriptaculous framework for its user-interface features. The plugin has been completely ported over to jQuery and won’t use Prototype/Scriptaculous anymore. Not only will this prevent conflict with other plugins but it will also drastically reduce the total size of scripts loaded by the plugin.
  • Cross Browser Compatible
    The auto refresh feature didn’t work properly in Internet Explorer as expected. All features of the WordPress banners plugin will now work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and other browsing/rendering engines.
  • Sorting Options
    In the “Ads”, “Zones” and “Sizes” sections, you will notice links “A to Z” and “New to Old” at the top (to the right of the total number of records) which allows you to sort records either by title/name or modified  date.
  • Reset Views & Clicks
    You may now reset the views & clicks of multiple banner ads. These are two respective bulk actions which can be found in the “Bulk Actions” drop down menu in the “Ads” section of the administration panel of the plugin.
  • Per page Improved Redirections
    Redirections upon changing the “Per Page” value in all sections have been improved. For example… there are 15 ads in total in the “Ads” section and the per page is set to 10 records per page. This will show 2 page numbers in the pagination. If you are on page 2 and you change the per page to 15, the plugin will automatically redirect to page 1 to prevent an error message saying that there are no ads available.
  • WordPress Shortcodes API (docs)
    Proper WordPress shortcodes have been implemented into the plugin for “ad”, “zone”, “size” and “sizezone”. You can place these shortcodes into any WordPress post/page in order to display banner ads directly inside the content of the post or page.
  • De/activate Zones
    Banner  zones can be activated and deactivated. When a zone is inactive, its banner ads will not be shown on the front-end. Zones can be de/activated either as a bulk action or when saving a zone individually.
  • Hardcodes in Admin (docs)
    When a record is viewed, such as an ad, zone or size, its PHP hardcode is shown in a textarea which will select all the PHP code in it when clicked. These hardcodes may be copied and pasted into your WordPress theme to display banner ads.

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