Save a custom field

Custom Field> Manage Custom Fields- Add New


1. Title

Fill in a title for this custom field as it will be displayed throughout the admin panel and the front-end to your users.

2. Caption/ Description

The caption/description is an informative phrase/sentence which displays below the field to give the user more information on the data you expect for input.

3. Field Type

Choose the type of custom field to best suit the needs of input. Options available: Custom- Text Field, Textarea, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes List, Select Drop Down. Predefined: Date Picker, Countries, File

4. Required

If the field is set as required, you can specify an error message here to display if the field was left empty by the user.

5. Default Value

Default value for this field. For text and textarea fields, this will be displayed as a watermark inside the field. For radio buttons and checkboxes, put a comma separated list of default values to pre-check those.

6. Forms

Choose whether this field should display on the registration and/or profile form.

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