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By checking this checkbox it will show a number of questions per page with paging navigation.

Questions per Page

Specify the number of question you want to display per page.

Apply the_content Filter

Enabling this setting will parses all answers through the WordPress the_content filter. Some plugins like code highlighters and any plugins that modify the content of posts/pages uses the_content filter so it hooks to that.

Show Related Questions

This option is set to yes by default and will show the related questions associated when a user views an individual question post/page on the front-end of the site.

 Show Excerpts

This option is set to ‘No‘ by default. When turned on, it will  show excerpt of questions in the list on the front end being viewed by the user to questions with a post/page hyperlink which they can then follow and read the full excerpt. If a question doesn’t have a post/page, the excerpt won’t work for that question.

Read More Link Text

Use this field to specify text to use as a link for the excerpts. If this field is left empty then it will revert to the themes default link to continue reading excerpts. With mqTranslate installed and activated you will be able to specify different languages for the text link under each language flag.

Show author of Response

It simply output the author who answered the questions.

Show link to Author page

Turning this on will link the author display name to the author page of this question.

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