FAQ: Save a Question

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1. Question

This is the text input box where you will type in the question. Please type in here the question which you would like to deal with.

2. FAQ Group(s)

Please select from the drop-down menu the group(s) that you would like to associate this FAQ with. Starting with version 1.6.8, you can assign it to multiple groups.

3. WordPress Post/Page

Depending on what you select for this, ‘Page Parent‘ and ‘Post/Page Title‘ may not be visible. If you wish to create your FAQ in post form, then check the Post option here. If you would like to make a page regarding this FAQ then please check the Page option here.

Dependent on your selection for number three you will have to select from the drop-down menu the ‘Page Parent‘ if you selected the Page option.

If you selected either Post or Page, then you will have to type in the ‘Post/Page Title‘ in the text box provided for this.

If you selected Post, then you can choose a post category or categories to go under when the post is created when you save the question.

4. Answer

This is where you type in the answer for the FAQ stated for number one. You have many editing options available for you to use when typing the answer. To see the function of each editing button, hover the mouse over the icon and it will say what the function is. You also have the ability to include a form of media into the post, be it an image, video, sound recording, etc. This makes your FAQs more dynamic and easier to follow.

5. Custom Fields

Displays the custom fields that were filled.

6. Save FAQ

Finally, when you are happy with all the changes you have just made whilst formulating your FAQ, select ‘Yes‘ for the Approved option. You can set an expiry date there and once reached, the question will no longer be active (the Approved option becomes ‘No‘).

Notifying a User

Assuming that you have email capturing turned on in the FAQs > Configuration section of the plugin, the email address of a user will be captured when a question is asked.

When you answer a question and save it, the user will be automatically notified via email if you set the ‘Notify User’ setting to ‘Yes’. The ‘Notify User’ setting will only be available if you have email capture turned on in the configuration of the plugin.

You can see the email of the user in the screenshot above, this is on the Save a Question page when editing a question asked by someone on your site.

Once done, click the button that says “Save Question” to save.

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