WordPress Lightbox JS plugin


Do you have the need to present images on your WordPress website in the most stylish manner possible? If so, the WordPress Lightbox plugin is the appropriate tool to suit your needs.

Not only will you be able to display images in a beautiful overlay on top of the current content of the page, but you can quickly and easily create virtual image galleries on your pages by creating sets of images. When an image of a set is viewed, Next and Prev buttons are provided, together with the current position in the set.


Quick Start


  • After installing the plugin in ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’, go to ‘Plugins’ in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Lightbox and click the ‘Activate’ link.


  • The menu item ‘Lightbox JS’ will appear in your Settings menu.
  • There are options that allow customization Lightbox JS. If you do want to change the configuration, go to ‘Settings’ > Lightbox JS’.


  • Insert an image into the post as normal.
  • Press the HTML tab/view in the editor to view the HTML source.
  • Add rel="lightbox" to the link element (not the img element) around the image. Example: <a href="https://example.com/image.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img src="https://example.com/image.jpg" /></a>
  • Publish/Update the Post.

For image galleries, you can group images by adding an identifier together with the rel="lightbox" attribute like rel="lightbox[myimages]" for example. Then, all images with that REL attribute will be grouped together. The identifier can be any word/name.

That’s it. You are done!

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