Piping Step 3: Setup Email Alias

In the second last step of setting up bounce management for the WordPress Mailing List plugin you will create an email alias and pipe all incoming emails to the specified mailbox to the “wpmlbounce.cgi” script which you previously configured and uploaded to your CGI-bin of your server.

In this reference, I’ll use the email address “bounce@domain.com” as an example. You can use any email address you prefer to use, though it is very important that this email address/alias you are going to use is not already in use as a mailbox.

Below, I will point out several different methods of setting up your email alias based on different mail server software. If you are uncertain of which mail server software your server or host uses, simply contact your hosting provider and tell them that you wish to set up an email alias and pipe all incoming emails to an application. They will know what you are referring to and should be able to set it up for you without any problems. Below is detailed instructions for the different types of mail server software.

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