Multiple Currencies 1.1 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin : Multiple Currencies 1.1 release notes.


  • Save currency to order to keep it fixed for orders history, invoices, etc.
  • Ability to specify fixed currency prices on products
  • Pre-select currency based on customer location setting
  • Save chosen currency as user meta when customer is logged in
  • Set which payment methods work on each currency chosen feature


  • New PHP class constructors
  • Additional API (
  • Error handling if conversion API fails
  • More accurate currency price conversions
  • Shortcode for Currency Selector


  • Zero/empty prices in cart/order due to currency
  • Refresh icon/link not showing for currencies
  • Currency not changing with multiple currency choosers on the page
  • Display setting for select/list ineffective
  • Base currency not showing in currency selector/widget bug

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