Checkout: eMatters (HTTPS POST)


eMatters payment gateway (HTTPS POST) in the WordPress shopping cart plugin.

Configure the Plugin

To configure your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to work with eMatters, go to Checkout > Configuration in your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the eMatters (HTTPS POST) settings box where you will find the eMatters configuration settings. The following settings are available.

Payment Method Name

This name/title will appear on the billing page of your checkout procedure. When you have more than one payment method activated in your shop, your customers will be able to choose which payment method they want to use to make a payment.

Merchant ID

Your eMatters merchant number as assigned by eMatters when your application was processed.


Instructs eMatters which bank to use as the primary. Even when multibank is set to No in your eMatters account, you still need to specify this value. An example is: StGeorge.


Readers code is supplied by eMatters and will always correspond with your Merchant ID.

Block Bracket

It can be either Yes or No. Some (most) eMatters accounts require a block bracket prepended to the return URL sent through. By default, this will be Yes but if instructed differently in your eMatters account, set this to No.

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