Checkout v1.4 Release Notes



  • FIX: Supplier pages were not created
  • FIX: Edit/Delete Product/Category/Supplier links are broken on the front-end.
  • FIX: Problem with quantity not being inserted when “how many?” box is hidden in list/grid view.
  • FIX: addtocart_action in products/loop.php
  • FIX: When editing an order item, it doesn’t save shipping status just increases the quantity with one.
  • FIX: Input fields on the ‘Contacts’ page of the checkout procedure were overlapping the table structure in Internet Explorer.
  • FIX: Viper’s Video Quicktags breaking the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor
  • FIX: AIM x_exp_date
  • FIX: Incorrect widget being referenced for the Ajax cart if previous widgets were removed.
  • FIX: Escaped content displaying slashes
  • FIX: [wpcoproducts] per page
  • FIX: Fixed per page setting on [wpcoproducts] shortcode


  • ADD: Ability to show certain widgets such as products, categories and suppliers as drop down menus.
  • ADD: Integrate custom fields with the custom/manual payment method so that they can be displayed on the Billing page.
  • ADD: Ability to not show the supplier info in the product listing
  • ADD: Option in cart widget to just show the total and not the items and stuff
  • ADD: Setting to turn on/off the TinyMCE button in the editor.
  • ADD: Shipping, billing and customer details are displayed when an order is viewed.
  • ADD: A ‘Email the Customer’ link in the ‘Orders’ section
  • ADD: Company name, phone number and fax number fields to the billing page of the checkout procedure.
  • ADD: Products bulk action to change type digital/tangible
  • ADD: Default, fixed, global shipping method to calculate shipping immediately on the front-end
  • ADD: Global Tax calculation
  • ADD: Ability to put currency symbol before/after price
  • ADD: Currency – Romanian Leu (RON)
  • ADD: Shop categories widget setting to specify whether only main categories or all categories should be shown.
  • ADD: Configuration setting to control whether or not post/page content should be automatically updated as well as the other aspects like title, parent, children, etc.
  •  ADD: Realex payments test mode by appending “test” to ACCOUNT
  •  ADD: Password preference configuration settings so that new customers can type their own password during checkout.
  •  ADD: Configuration setting to turn On/Off new user notification sent to the customer during checkout.
  • ADD:Manual Payment for Cheques. merge with bank wire feature and make more flexible
  • ADD: When editing order, you can set as paid or NOT paid
  • ADD: When editing an order, you can mark it as shipped or not shipped.
  • ADD: TinyMCE button to add category/product/supplier shortcode
  • ADD: AIM payment gateway
  • ADD: Row actions in all sections
  • ADD: Realex payments – realauth redirect
  • ADD: eMatters – HTTPS POST
  • ADD: Show ‘Order Options’ inside the cart and order summary
  • ADD: Australian post DRC shipping method API
  • ADD: Custom fields in Products > Save
  • ADD: Order custom fields


  • REMOVE: Usage of PHP short open tags
  • REMOVE: Support forums link from ‘Support & Help’


  • IMPROVE: Order number in order receipt email subject
  • IMPROVE: Multiple recipients for the merchant email notifications
  • IMPROVE: Ability to update all posts/pages but not overwrite existing content as an option
  • IMPROVE: Multiple, comma separated merchant/admin emails for notifications
  • IMPROVE: Multiple, comma separated merchant/admin emails for notifications
  • IMPROVE: Shopping cart widget Ajax refresh
  • IMPROVE: Keywords from products list loop will perform search on the ‘All Products Post/Page ID’ post/page rather than using the WordPress search.
  • IMPROVE: Order email with sub total, order options, shipping, total, etc.
  • IMPROVE: WordPress 2.9 style ‘Add New’ buttons/links
  •  IMPROVE: ‘Configuration Sections’ meta box in the ‘Configuration’ section for better navigation and accessibility.
  • IMPROVE: Contacts page of checkout


  • CHANGE: Register button on ‘Contacts’ page to CONTINUE button.
  •  CHANGE: Checkout logo from the old basket to a new cart logo
  • CHANGE: Icon in dashboard


  • BUG: Incorrect redirect to cart (instead of product page) from category pages

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