Checkout: 2Checkout (2CO)

The 2Checkout payment gateway has been fully integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. 2CO accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discovery, etc.), PayPal, eCheck, Debit Cards and more. It is a very robust, universal solution which will allow you to accept multiple payment types in a single, central location.

2Checkout has two different payment routines, multi- and single-page. The Shopping Cart plugin utilizes the single-page routine by default but you can easily change the routine to multi-page routing by editing the wp-checkout/views/default/checkout-tc.php template file in the plugin and changing the URL. See the Plug and Play parameters for more details.


Configuration Settings

Go to the ‘Configuration’ section of the plugin to enable the 2Checkout payment method by checking/ticking it in the ‘Payment Methods’ box. Once enabled, you may configure the 2Checkout payment method with the following settings.

  • Vendor ID
    Your 2Checkout supplied vendor ID.
  • Secret String
    This is a secret word/phrase which you can set in your 2Checkout vendor admin panel. This is used for hash encryption which increases the security of payments processed.
  • Checkout Method
    This is to either choose Single or Multi-page checkout. Single page is all on one page but only allows for credit card payments. Multi-page has steps, such as Billing Details step then Payment Method step and the finalize and allows for PayPal, debit Card, Solo, Credit Card, etc.
  • Demo Purchase
    Turn this on for development purposes. No charges will be made.


VIDEO: WordPress Shopping Cart + 2Checkout



Notes About 2CO

Address2 Required

You may notice that 2CO is forcing the Address2 field for shipping and billing on the payment page.

This is not a bug or something that can be configured. 2CO enforces the Address2 field for China (CHN), Japan (JPN), Russia (RUS) specifically.

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