Downloads Management

Once a user/customer has purchased a product with a downloadable file attached to the product, the user/customer will be able to go to their downloads management section and obtain the file with a direct download.

The URL to the downloads management section is your WordPress URL with “?wpcomethod=downloads” appended to it. So if your WordPress URL is “”, the URL to the downloads is “”.

In case you have the sidebar widget on your WordPress site, a link captioned “Downloads Management” will automatically be shown to a user at the bottom of the widget, linking to the downloads management section in case the user has any available downloads from products previously purchased.

When a user goes to the downloads management section and the user has any available downloads in their account (based on previous digital product purchases), the user will be presented with tabular data, displaying all their available downloads. For each download, the user will see the following columns with details :

File Name

The name of the file which is the “Title” field value you specified when you saved the file in the “Files” section of the plugin in the WordPress dashboard.

File Size

The size of the file displayed in megabytes, rounded to two (2) decimal precisions.

File Type

The mime type of the file. For example, if the file is a PNG image file, the file type will be “image/png”.

Modified Date

The last modified date of the download. This date will be created when you initially save the file and it will be updated when you edit the file at a later stage.


The last column has no heading, though it does display a small download icon/link next to each downloadable file. When this icon/link is clicked, a direct download will occur, sending the file to the user’s browser for download.

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