PayPal Website Payments PRO

PayPal Website Payments PRO with Direct Payment has been integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to process debit- and credit card payments directly in your shop without sending customers away from your site.


The following things are needed to start accepting debit- and credit card payments directly on your WordPress website.


Setting up PayPal Website Payments PRO in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is quick and easy. Please follow the instructions below carefully:

1. PayPal Configuration

1.1. API Access

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Login to your PayPal account, then go to My Account > Profile > My Selling Tools and next to the “API Access” caption, click the “Update” link.

1.2. Request API Credentials

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Under “Option 2” click the “Request API Credentials” link to continue with your API request to configure your PayPal account accordingly.

1.3. Request API Signature

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Choose the “Request API signature” radio button and then click the “Agree and Submit” button and you’ll be provided with your API credentials.

You need to copy the API username, password and signature values (save them to a file on your computer) because you’ll need them in the next step when configuring the plugin.

2. Configure the Shopping Cart plugin

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2.1. Payment Method Name

Custom title/caption for the PayPal Website Payments PRO payment method to show in your shop to your customers during checkout. You can name it something like “Debit- and Credit Card payments via PayPal”.

2.2. PayPal API Username

PayPal API username as given by PayPal in step 1 above.

2.3. PayPal API Password

PayPal API password as given by PayPal in step 1 above.

2.4. PayPal API Signature

PayPal API signature as given by PayPal in step 1 above.

2.5. PayPal Server

Choose between the PayPal sandbox and the live server. When using a real PayPal account, choose “Live” else choose “Sandbox” when using a PayPal sandbox account.

Testing PayPal Pro with Sandbox

In order to test your PayPal Pro integration, you need a PayPal Sandbox seller account.

You can obtain one by going to the PayPal Developer website. Login with your existing PayPal account and then go to Dashboard > Sandbox > Accounts where you can click “Create Account” to make a PayPal Sandbox account. Choose business and follow the rest of the fields.


After you have created the account, go back to the accounts list where you can click “Profile” under the account you created and then a dialogue will open which gives you the API credentials. These API credentials will be filled into the plugin under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > PayPal Pro.


As the merchant and on the plugin’s configuration side, that’s all you need to do. Now you can go to the front-end of the site to do a test order as a customer. Go through checkout, adding products to your shopping cart, etc. and when you get to the payment step, you’ll need test credit card details.

Go to Sandbox – Generate a Credit Card Number with a Sandbox Account to generate a test card of your choice. You’ll use this card, together with any future expiry date and any 3/4 digits as the CVV.

That’s it, you can test your PayPal Pro integration this way before going live.

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