WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin v1.2

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin v1.2 Change Log

  • Fixed a bug with the “Pages Parent” configuration setting not showing all pages as intended.
  • Fixed a bug with countries SQL not being queried correctly into the database.
  • Coupons currency bug fixed. Only showed USD.
  • Removed “Back to Top” from product pages.
  • Front-end “Edit” and “Remove” links on product pages for logged in admin.
  • Changed “Support Forums” link URL in “Support” section of the plugin.
  • Prepended “wpco” to helper global variables to prevent conflict with other global vars.
  • Added the (optional) ability to upload images for categories.
  • Improvements to the way unlink() is fired when images are deleted.
  • Order items of a product will now be removed when a product is removed.
  • Counts in select drop downs. For example, products count is shown in categories drop down.
  • Products mass action to set the supplier.
  • Shipped status field is now available in admin when saving an order item.
  • Pagination bug fixed in “Orders” section.
  • Total price of an order is shown to customers in orders history on the front.
  • Fixed a bug with the history link in the shopping cart widget.
  • Links in the statistics overview to all the different sections of the plugin in admin.
  • Total income and discount applied is shown in the statistics overview.
  • Product “code” field now available for identification and reference purposes.
  • Style options pricing is now available for each style option.
  • Suppliers have been integrated into the plugin.
  • Category image status is shown in the loop in the “Categories” section.
  • New product icon has been implemented.
  • Paid and not paid mass actions in the “Items” section
  • Fixed a header issue with cookies. Cookie writing has been changed from PHP to JavaScript.
  • Product images on shopping cart page now has the css property border:none; to prevent borders.
  • Product content tabs has been developed for more complex products.
  • Custom dynamic fields for products have been developed.
  • You can now display shop categories in a sidebar widget.
  • Custom dynamic fields gets optional pricing for each custom dynamic field.
  • Added Singapore dollar to the currency list.
  • Per page feature in all admin sections. Allows you to specify the number of records per page.
  • You can now embed a hierarchy of shop categories into a post/page. {wpco_categories}
  • Currency names can now be localized/translated.
  • POS manual credit card payment method has been developed.
  • Bank wire payment method has been developed.
  • Shopping cart cookie integration has been done so that visitors don’t have to register first.
  • Products can now be assigned to multiple categories using checkboxes in admin.
  • Search feature has been developed in the “Categories” section.
  • You now have the ability to turn product image cropping off if needed and display it full rather.
  • You have the ability to put additional product images in a content tab optionally.
  • You can now hardcode widgets. $wpCheckout -> widget(‘cart’);
  • Product files can now be added with a link/url instead of uploading a file.
  • Payment method for each order is shown in the “Orders” section now.
  • CVV request for POS payment method can be turned on/off as preferred.
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is now available. Its an optional field.
  • New product saving page layout similar to that of the WordPress “Write” page.
  • Custom dynamic fields are now shown in the order receipt email together with Styles.
  • Link in order receipt email which takes user to the order online in the orders history.
  • Optional, universal/promotional text message box for all products has been developed.
  • Logos/images can now be uploaded for suppliers.
  • WordPress posts/pages can now be created for suppliers if turned on in “Settings” section.
  • A product style can now be a select, checkbox or radio field type. Defaults to “select”
  • Merchant/admin email configuration in “Settings” section for order notifications.
  • WordPress user roles and permissions have been integrated into each section of the plugin.
  • Product suppliers can now be shown in a sidebar/hardcoded widget.
  • Product hits/views are now calculated and displayed in the “Products” section
  • Sub-categories (if any) are now shown on category pages on the front-end.
  • Counts in pagination for all admin sections to show the total number of records for the model.
  • Customers can now update their shipping/billing details on the WordPress profile page.
  • Admin can now edit customer shipping/details via the “Authors & Users” section in WP.
  • “State” has been changed to “State/Province” throughout the plugin.
  • Ability to set the default selected country on shipping and billing pages during checkout.
  • Products mass action to associate styles/options
  • Products mass action to associate categories
  • Inventory control which updates automatically
  • Products mass action to set items in inventory for multiple products.
  • “Content” section to add additional product content tabs.
  • Affiliate/external products have been developed.

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