Digital Download : Link/URL

How To Use

When you save a digital download in the WordPress shopping cart plugin, you have the choice of either uploading a file directly from your computer or specifying a download link or URL where the digital download is located.

If you choose to specify a download link/url for your product file, you’ll need to fill in the “File URL” field with a valid link to the file which will be downloaded by customers by purchasing the product to which the file was assigned to.

Downloads Management Section

In the downloads management section (your WordPress URL appended with “/?wpcomethod=downloads” at the end of the address) customers who bought products with files assigned to those products will be able to download those digital downloads.

When using the download link/url option, don’t be worried that your customers will be able to see the actual address of the file. The product file with a download link/url will be masked and the user/customer will see a URL like ““. So your files are still protected and their location won’t be exposed.

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